Power back to the cities

“While I see the value in solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy its integration into everyday life would be a far too costly and time-consuming burden for our already struggling nation to bear. To efficiently integrate this type of technology we would require stronger ties and controls with overseas partners and we would require a complex grid of wires connecting residence to an overseas power source that would have lost the majority of its power through wires, and we know we cannot afford to cover the world in superconducting wires, if we even had the capability”

Clean Living’s biofuel solution allowed the residents to use power as they always had done, through the same connections, power supplies and voltages they had always used, not only saving tax money on new wires but also saving individuals money on updating their homes. 

Cities felt the joy of warmth and light shortly after the 2044 election, streaming out from successful trials within Canary Wharf, Clean living was quickly able to fulfil its promises to residents of boundaries marked 1-3. 

Prior to the election Clean Living provided energy relief to hospitals and other medical first response operations and kept up its power maintenance after the elections, with public health, police and boundary stations the first to receive power, creating a secure environment for our residents. 

We aim to continue to develop our power and create an even more efficient grid in the following years.