Meet The Team

 Kevin Maldove 


Kevin Maldove has been a key member of Clean Living from the group’s infancy and believes his entrepreneurial expertise and innovative technological advancements can not only enhance the lives of his supporters but also improve societal attitudes, fixing a system broken by over encompassing leniency.

Maldove has graduated with qualifications in both ‘Biomedical Engineering’ and ‘Business and innovation’ which drove his desire to tackle the looming energy crisis, backed by Clean Living.

His interest in politics began after the 2039 riots and the government's inability to support the upkeep of respectable society.

“with the continued support of the people of our great cities, we can only continue to grow and enhance our energy harvesting technology, creating an ever-brighter future for you and your families”

 Philip Mayer  


Philip Mayer, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for Civil Service: Phillip Mayer joined Clean Living in 2042 and has strived to reduce taxation for those in 1-3rd boundary areas.

Mayer’s efforts combined with Maldove’s innovations in robotics has reduced human requirement in civil service positions by 80%, creating huge cuts in income tax for the area’s residence, allowed for stronger family bonds as workers are no longer burdened by long hours and an increase in funds available to public care.

‘Proxy’ workers have also increased government efficiency in offices, street work and other menial labour roles, keeping your city clean and safe.


“Coming from a finance and management background, I have not only increased efficiency for the residents of our cities, but we have also been able to combine two cabinet positions, consolidating power and streamlining the decision-making process.”

 Peter Varela  


Peter Varela, Secretary of State for Rural Affairs and Employment leads the charge for rural representation within Clean Living, through his tireless efforts Rural Areas received power shortly after our main cities, complete with Clean living offices offering round the clock information in relation to energy rations. 

Varela, a Psychology Master has also worked alongside Clean Living to create the UK’s first automated voting system in rural boundaries. 

“Our voting booths allow total privacy and security for voters, and has created greater efficiency in election results as the system automatically counts votes inputted, reducing the chance of human error”

Varela also heads our Out of Work Scheme, providing young people with a once in a lifetime chance to assist within our state of the art energy harvesting stations, the initiative has proved positive since its creation in 2043, and has reduced youth unemployment in rural areas by 43%. The scheme also provides excellent benefits to worker’s families such as employee bonuses for 4-7 years after enrolment as well as double power rations for their time of employment.

 Noni Faraji  


Noni Faraji, Minister for Security and Defence. Faraji works towards establishing strategic partnerships overseas while overseeing strategic operations and operational strategy for Clean Living and the residents of the UK.


Her team work to properly allocate resources as well as manage innovations within our defence technology sector. 


Faraji also controls the security operations within the UK, ensuring enhanced boundary control and the issuing of boundary allocation cards, so you can sleep feeling secure that only suitable personnel are in your area.